The Hidden Truth About Stock Option Trading: How Microsoft Excel Shed Light on My Journey

Have you ever been tempted by the idea of making fast money through option trading? It’s a thrilling concept — the thought of quickly making a lot of money in just a short time.

But, let me share a secret with you. Option trading can be a bit more complicated than it seems at first. Underneath the excitement lies a hidden truth. And I uncovered this truth with the help of a simple user-friendly tool — Microsoft Excel & believe me its so interesting that you also wanna make the same thing for smoothening your trading Journey.

Here is a screenshot of the dashboard I created, which operates in real-time, allowing your eyes to stay focused and your fingers to relax. You can make quick decisions simply by glancing at it while it’s active

Screenshot NiftySensex Excel

Before this lets discuss the Quick Money Psychology first –

Option trading can be very appealing. The possibility of earning a lot of money in a short period of time can be hard to resist. It’s like a dream come true — becoming financially successful in no time. But in reality, option trading isn’t all that easy. It’s a bit like a battlefield where people are driven by their desires and fears. What we often don’t realize is that we’re not the only ones in this game. We’re competing against supercomputers that are really good at figuring out the right prices for options.

My Eye-Opening Experience

I vividly remember a time when I got so caught up in the idea of option trading that I decided to put a lot of my money into it. What happened next was quite an experience, and honestly, it was pretty tough. The ups and downs, the rollercoaster ride of emotions — it was nothing like what I had imagined. And the truth is, I’m not the only one; many regular investors are in it for the same reason — to make quick money and solve their financial problems.

Finding a Way Forward

But instead of just dwelling on the difficulties, i just focused on finding a solution. I stumbled upon an Microsoft Excel tool that can help us figure out if we’re heading in the right direction. I was amazed by what Microsoft Excel could do, and the best part is that it’s available to anyone who wants to learn how to use it for stock market analysis & Also one can make as per their own desires of market understanding.

The desire to understand intricate moves has driven me to create this panel, and I’m continually delving deeper into the subject.

‘Sometimes, people fantasize about what would happen if a stock were to make a drastic move, and we could detect it as it unfolds. Additionally, what if we had access to option data in a concise format, allowing us to make quick trading decisions and avoid getting caught on the wrong side of the market? Real-time trend analysis could further enhance our ability to make informed trading decisions and potentially outperform supercomputers in many ways. It’s this very idea that inspired me to create everything you see here & yes its all created on Microsoft Excel with the help of some basic VBA code’

Here are few things which i always wanted on my screen and yes i was almost able to tweak that in my way –

  • It keeps searching entire market for violently moving stocks in real-time. Any sudden % drop or gain in last few seconds, and you will be the first to know!
  • Plus, it handles all the option-Chain math for you, updating the option panel in real time so you can skip the calculations.
  • Easily capture the short-term opportunities.
  • Want to search for specific stocks Manually? No problem! Just type them in and start refreshing as needed.
For example, the name IRCTC popped up on my screen, and there was a drastic up movement. The option data indicated that it was the right time to go short, and indeed, it turned out to be a profitable trade.
Pressed “Launch Chart” and wollah this beautiful thing just appeared in front of my Eyes

Additionally, I’ve always wished that I could do the same for NYSE stocks. Well, I’ve already started working on that, and I’m excited to share my progress with many users who want to master advanced Excel. I know it can be challenging to find expensive advanced Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Server tools, so I’ve found a way to make them available at a very low cost. You can download them From here and continue exploring the vast world of Microsoft Excel and the powerful products they’ve created. This way, people like us can unleash our creativity and accomplish amazing things.

In conclusion, option trading isn’t as simple as it may seem. It’s a world filled with excitement and challenges. But with the right tools, like Excel, you can navigate this world with more knowledge and confidence. Remember, the hidden truths of option trading can be uncovered, and it’s up to you to explore them.

So don’t forget to show your appreciation because this is my first blog:) , and I’ll continue blogging as long as even one person finds it valuable. Furthermore, I’ll be sharing insights on how we can create Excel tools or even more advanced projects. It all hinges on your creativity and your willingness to learn and explore.

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