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An equity investment is money that is invested in a company by purchasing shares of that company in the stock market. These shares are typically traded on a stock exchange.
Options and futures are both financial products that investors use to make money or to hedge current investments. … An option gives an investor the right, but not the obligation, to buy (or sell) shares at a specific price at any time, as long as the contract is in effect

A commodity market facilitates trading in various commodities. It may be a spot or a derivatives market. In spot market, commodities are bought and sold for immediate delivery, whereas in derivatives market, various financial instruments based on commodities are traded.

A Mutual Fund is formed when capital collected by various investors is invested in purchasing company shares, stocks, or bonds. Shared by thousands of investors, a Mutual Fund is collectively managed by a professional fund manager to earn the highest possible returns. Investing in Mutual Funds is the easiest way to grow your wealth. The fund manager’s expertise is an important factor to consider while choosing the fund. All Mutual Funds are registered with the Securities Exchange and Board of India (SEBI) and hence, your investment is safe.

Tax Saving Schemes is the best way to make investments to save tax by claiming deductions available under the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. How to save tax? It is the most confusing question in the minds of every taxpayer. The tax saving schemes provide a platform to the taxpayers through which they can easily save tax. The investments in the income tax deductions are a way to save tax legally. The tax saving schemes keep these deductions in mind and bring you the best way for saving taxes. The various schemes worth knowing for easy tax saving are as follows: